The KÖSTER BTG system is a decorative floor sealing system for concrete and screed floors. It consists of KÖSTER EM VS (slab sealant), KÖSTER Color chips (color composition), and KÖSTER TS transparent (clear top coat). Balconies, terraces, laboratories, offices, other commercial premises, and residential properties are durably protected with this system against abrasion, weather, and even chemicals. The KÖSTER BTG system is also characterized by good slip resistance and is easy to clean.

The prepared concrete surface is first sealed with KÖSTER EM VS. This fresh coating is broadcast with KÖSTER color chips to rejection in order to achieve a decorative color scheme and an anti-slip surface. Finally, the broadcast surface is protected with the transparent top coat KÖSTER TS transparent. KÖSTER TS transparent is a high performance clear top coat made from the highest quality raw materials. Due to its UV - and weather-resistance the system can be used indoors and outdoors. It provides a matt finish, which gives the system a pleasing appearance.

On slabs that are burdened with moisture vapor from the rear, (such as generally the case with balconies and terraces), a moisture mitigation system with KÖSTER VAP I 2000 UFS is to be installed.



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