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Morocco, Marrakesh, old Medina, renovation of the XIX Century Riad

renovation of the XIX Century Riad, old Medina, Marrakesh, Morocco 
Fields of application
Horizontal barriers with pressureless injection
Middle XIX Century Riad inside old Medina in Marrakesh, Morocco. The nearly 150-year-old plaster was completely damaged by rising damp and salts crystallization. The old plaster was completely removed until the bricks and joints were exposed. The most generally used technique for the construction of load-bearing walls is rammed earth bricks. In regards to the exterior walls, the adobe masonry is generally used for upper floors where it is best suited for decor (adobe is also more expensive). Foundations are not always used, especially in old buildings. Most times the walls are erected directly on the ground with thicknesses that can vary between 50 - 60 cm up to 100 - 120 cm for the main walls, and between 20 to 40 cm the interior dividing walls. The mortar consists of a mixture of earth and water, and in some cases includes adobe, to which, rarely is straw added. When building with adobe bricks, mortar is laid in horizontal joints between the courses, but rarely in the vertical joints. The joints are from 2 cm to 4 cm thick. The high level of permeability and capillary action of these materials lead to very common rising damp problems and crystallization of salts. This old Riad project has several different thicknesses in a total of 180 linear meters of walls divided in: 90 cm: 4,8 m; 80 cm: 38,5 m; 70 cm: 17,5 m; 65 cm: 35 m; 60 cm: 14 m; 55 cm: 4,4 m; 50 cm: 5,2 m; 45 cm: 6,6 m; 25 cm: 48,8 m; 20 cm: 3,3 m 
Product applied
KÖSTER Crisin 76



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